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GitHub Template Repository for Ruby Boilerplate

I created a GitHub template repository for ruby boilerplate. It contains some template ruby scripts including test code with minitest, GitHub Actions’s workflow for lint by rubocop and test, .rubocop.yml, Gemfile, README.md, etc.

The motivation is to reduce some pain to create a small ruby project.

Recently, I write some ruby codes for tiny projects such as Fizz buzz. Every time I create such a project, I have to write boilerplates to publish them to GitHub. The template repository will give me a shortcut.

If you use this template,

  1. click “Use this template” on GitHub repository
  2. update README.md for your project
  3. remove or rename lib/sample.rb and test/test_sample.rb which are sample scripts
  4. update .github/workflows/test.yml because it runs test/test_sample.rb
  5. write your codes :)

Thank you.

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